A large number of council owned buildings were constructed between the 1930s and the mid-1990s making it extremely likely that asbestos was used within their construction. 

NIC work with local councils across the region ensuring their publicly owned buildings remain safe for residents, employees and contractors. This includes Oldham, Bury, Burnley and Stockport councils.


The relevant legislation is The Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2012. This legislation is principally aimed at commercial properties but also applies to residential properties where there are shared common internal or external areas such as lobbies and plant rooms.

Residential Council PropertiesCouncil Housing

Private residential properties are not covered by CAR 2012, although there is still a duty on landlords to prevent anyone entering their property to carry out paid work being exposed to an asbestos risk. This means that the council will have a direct responsibility for the safety of any council employee or contractor used to maintain, renovate or demolish properties. 

This makes it vital that the presence and state of any asbestos containing material is fully understood before any building project commences. It has been estimated that perhaps a quarter of the people dying from asbestos related disease worked in the building trade and were not aware of the presence of asbestos at the time of exposure.

The council’s responsibility towards tenants living in separate houses with no common areas is limited but it would be seen as best practice that any asbestos present is identified and the tenant informed. Certainly tenants must be aware of the possibility of asbestos and should be instructed to contact the council prior to any DIY project starting. In this situation the council would be expected to provide a specialist expert to pronounce on asbestos in the property and how this can be properly managed.

NIC have extensive experience working with councils to identify and remove asbestos containing materials from the fabric of residential properties. Asbestos containing materials are generally completely safe if they are in good condition and are not disturbed. Hence it is usual for us to be involved when a renovation to one or a number of houses is planned. The case studies section includes a specific example of an asbestos removal project on residential council owned housing.

If you’d like more information on the asbestos management services available from NIC then please get in touch.

asbestos in council buildingsCouncil Owned Commercial Premises

As the owner and duty holder, the responsibility of the council to eliminate the chance of asbestos exposure within council-owned office buildings is quite clear. In these situations the council has responsibility for employees, sub-tenants and any contractors using council property. 

Asbestos containing materials are generally safe unless disturbed hence it is usual for issues to arise once maintenance, renovation or demolition is planned. Even a minor renovation such as installing new computer cabling can disturb otherwise safe asbestos and it is always advisable in any older building that an asbestos survey is carried out prior to commencing a maintenance project, however minor. It is always far more likely that asbestos will be disturbed during this type of activity than during a normal office day.

NIC have extensive experience working with councils to manage the asbestos risk in buildings whether these are scheduled for renovation or not. We can arrange for surveys to be carried out to identify any asbestos within the building and put together a detailed plan to remove and replace the asbestos containing materials ensuring maximum safety for you and your employees/contractors at all times.

If you’d like more information on how NIC can help you to manage your asbestos risk please get in touch.

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